Twelve Core Action Values

prisoner of your own mind

Are you a prisoner inside of your own mind? Let Anger Solutions Atlanta help you to unlock the cage that holds you… By learning, understanding, and knowing yourself and your ‘Values’, i.e.; 1) AUTHENTICITY, 2) INTEGRITY, 3) AWARENESS, 4) COURAGE, 5) PERSEVERANCE 6) FAITH, 7) PURPOSE, 8) VISION, 9) FOCUS, 10) ENTHUSIASM, 11) SERVICE, & 12) LEADERSHIP will help to give you a better understanding of who you are, your wants, your needs, and your felling’s and help to promote you to a better understanding of you emotional intelligence: Your ‘Self-Perception, ‘Self-Expression’, Interpersonal Awareness, Decision making Skills, and your Stress Management. Please contact Anger Solutions Atlanta at (404)437-9977 to gain an insight in to your ‘SELF’…

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